The fossil fuel industry is killing us. They want us to stay quiet and let them extract every last drop of profit from “their assets” until it’s too late for us to do anything about the consequences. They’re slowly suffocating us while they more quickly, violently, and blatantly, murder the Global South. It’s clear our governments will do nothing. It’s time for citizen-led, citizen-enacted fossil fuel non-proliferation. Fossil fuel companies and their partners can no longer be tolerated.

This is an action reporting site. We share and publicise otherwise-anonymous direct actions against the fossil fuel industry and its partners that are shared with us to bring them greater publicity. This can significantly increase their impact and show that we, the people, are not powerless. Contact us to get your action out there.

Important – please read

  • We are committed to causing zero harm to humans, animals, and other types of life.
  • The maintainers of this website don’t know:
    • Anything about the actions reported on the website prior to them being reported to us
    • Any personal details about the people doing the actions