09/09/2022: Sign at Cambridge University’s Schlumberger branch redecorated

"Reparations for Pakistan" has been spray painted on the oil company Schlumberger's sign at the University of Cambridge.

HIT REPORT. On Friday Night, protestors spray-painted “reparations for Pakistan” on the sign outside Schlumberger Gould Research Centre in Cambridge. The action was in solidarity with the peoples of Pakistan, in the wake of climate-induced flooding that has killed thousands across the country. The fossil fuel industry and capitalist system are directly responsible for this devastation, and must be overthrown.

Schlumberger is the world’s largest oilfield services company, helping companies like BP and Shell to extract every last drop of oil and gas – including in Pakistan. Its Cambridge research centre, which develops new technologies to increase fossil fuel industry growth and profit, has been a repeated target of direct action by climate groups.

The University of Cambridge, despite claiming this week to “recognise that climate change is the defining challenge of our time”, hosts Schlumberger’s research centre on its land, and maintains financial and academic ties with the company.