Glass walls smashed at University of Cambridge’s IEEF

“You can’t hide your ties”. Last night, a group of people smashed the glass walls and doors at the University of Cambridge’s IEEF (Institute for Energy and Environmental Flows – formerly known as the BP Institute) and sprayed green paint on the building’s walls to draw attention to the institute’s greenwashing.

The group said: “The institute shows exactly how Cambridge deals with their dodgy industry ties. Rather than ending their connections, they just rename and sweep things under the rug. Cambridge is still letting oil execs push their agenda, still researching the same harmful tech and claiming it’s for good. This is more pressing now as the Uni’s ties to the genocide of Palestinians is coming under scrutiny – will they adopt the same approach of denial and delay when it comes to their arms and war connections?”

The IEEF continues to work on ‘carbon capture and storage’ technology, which has significant application in enhanced oil recovery (using new technology to extract lots of extra oil from oil reserves that had been written off as depleted). The University’s links to genocide through arms companies and BP have recently attracted protest from student and community groups.